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DO YOU SELL TURNTABLES and cartridges?: YES! We are an authorized Audio Technica Dealer and carry the full line of Audio Technica Turntables and Cartridges. We are also an M-Audio dealer and carry M-Audio Powered Speakers. Ask us to show you our budget system that combines an Audio Technica Turntable with M-Audio Speakers.. it's a great system that fits most budgets and sounds great!

WHY DON'T YOU CARRY THE ALL-IN-OnE "SUITCASE" TURNTABLES?: Simply put, these turntables have been known to be problematic and generally do not sound very good. Our logic is that the All-In-One style boxes have speakers built into them. Speakers, by their very nature, vibrate.. and a turntable needle should be isolated from vibration. Our solution to the All-In-One is the Audio-Technica/M-Audio combination described in the paragraph above. It sounds great, is reliable and won't break your bank. It's also modular so the system can grow with your needs. Stop by and give our floor model a listen.

How do you grade your vinyl?: All of our vintage vinyl in our main sales displays are VG (Very Good) or above based on the Goldmine Grading Standard. While we always try to have vinyl that is Near Mint (To us, Mint Condition means it's still sealed), we realize that some titles are just not available in Near Mint condition. The only exception to our "VG or above" guarantee is our Budget Bin section. There you may find an album that is below the VG grading. However, we have priced everything in our budget bin at steep discounts, and you are always free to test play ANY vintage album at our listening booth.

DO YOU HAVE OPEN MICS?: YES!!! Being a part of the music community is important to us and we love supporting all the young and old musicians in the area. We generally have open mic nights on Thursdays during the summer and on Saturdays during the winter. Watch our Facebook page for the next upcoming open mic.

DO YOU SELL ON LINE?: Probably very little. To us, selling on-line defeats the whole purpose of an independent store that strives to be part of the community. We want you to come in, hang out, test listen some vintage albums, talk to us and (most importantly) step away from your computer. We've created this store for you, come in and enjoy it!!

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